Lady WWII pilot shares her story

Review of “My Piece of the Sky” by Oregonian, Anna Louise Flynn Monkiewicz, a WWII aviator. 

Review by Naomi Inman
Oregon Faith Report

Anna Louise Flyyn Monkiewicz grew up outside of Boston, MA in the smaller town of Natick, MA. She had two sisters and a brother. Anna remembers the day she first wanted to fly. She was 8 years old and Charles Lindbergh had just made his historic flight.

“I decided way back then that I wanted to fly,” she remembers. “I told my family that I wanted to fly, and they all thought I was a little crazy.” Mom and Pop answered, “You’re not old enough and you’re not rich enough.”

“I knew that others considered women fliers as out of the ordinary, however, I didn’t see flying as a gender thing anymore than swimming or dancing could be a gender thing.”

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